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UTAG In Case of Emergency Tags

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UTAG's are devices that electronically store vital personal information on them and they are designed to be the first point of reference in an emergency as they clearly show the snake and staff symbol which is the internationally recognised symbol for emergency medical services as well as ICE which is recognised as meaning In Case of Emergency.

When you can’t speak for yourself a UTAG device can provide vital information such as

  • Emergency contact details
  • Doctors contact details
  • Blood type and key medical information including allergies

They are ideal for travelling at home and abroad and are particularly useful if you have a current ailment or allergy that someone should know about in the event of an emergency.

To assist when you are abroad each UTAG device has an auto translation function to translate the key information into 7 different languages which are English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and German.


Designded to be very robust they are water and dust resistant with an IP57 rating and desgined to hold their data for 10 years. 

As well as holding vital information an additional benefit is a private section which enables you to store encrypted copies of important documents including your driving licence, passport, vehicle registration documents, travel documents and insurance, great for peace of mind and reassurance.

The UTAG devices are available in three practical formats; The Digital Dog Tag, The UTAG sport and the ICE Card (ICE = In Case of Emergency).


The Digital Dog Tag can be worn as a traditional dogtag, or on a zip pull or key ring.  


The UTAG Sport is available in three different colours and two different sizes and can be worn on a wrist band or on a neck chain.


The ICE card is credit card size and can be carried in a wallet or purse.

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