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Motorcycle Tours - White Rose Tours 2017

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White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia
White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia
White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia
White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia
White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia

White Rose Tour 6 Carinthia

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White Rose Tour 6 - Carinthia

MapsMan have teamed up with fellow adventurers and motorcycle touring company White Rose Tours to provide a suggestion of additional maps and guides to accompany their tours for 2017.


To be expected from a quality tour operator, White Rose Tours provide detailed turn by turn instructions and GPS maps for the tour but we believe it is always useful to have a map or two as well.


Our suggestions for this tour are:


Michelin Quarter Map 707 - Northestern France

Michelin National Map 730 - Austria

Michelin Regional Map 562 - Italy NE

Michelin Regional Map 546 - Germany South East

**MapsMan will also send you a free copy of their popular ADAC A2 paper printout:

Slovenia, Styria, Carinthia**


More Details of the Tour by White Rose Tours  themselves 


Dates:                                Thursday 27th July 2017 - Sunday 6th August 2017

Duration:                            10 Nights 

Tour Area:                          Austria, Italy & Slovenia

Type:                                  Escorted Tour (E)

Accommodation:                3 & 4 star Hotels

Mileage:                             200 - 250 miles per day - longest day 315 miles

Tour Mileage:                    2000 miles

Roads:                                Combination of Motorway, A, B and mountain passes

Skills:                                 Suitable for Experienced riders who have ridden on the continent before


A tour to the Mountains and Lakes of Carinthia

New Tour : I have had a motorcycle tour map of Carinthia sat on my shelf for many years, and so I decided it was time I dusted it off, and visit there to ride some of the great routes it suggests.

For many, the first question will be, "where's Carinthia" ? Which is fair enough because although it is an area I have passed through many times it's not somewhere I had considered as a destination. Carinthia is actiually the southernmost Austrian state and as such enjoys a more Mediterranean like climate. Situated within the Eastern Alps, it is noted for its mountains and over 200 lakes offering great biking roads and stunning scenery. It is also perfectly located for riding into Italy and Slovenia

We stay for 4 nights at one base, which will suit those who like to unpack, relax and enjoy daily ride-outs. 

This is an Escorted Tour which means that although the guide will be with you, you are responsible for doing your own navigation. We provide a Tour Pack which will include a full itinerary, suggested route directions, Gpx waypoints and hotel location. This system suits many people, as it allows them to ride at their own pace and style, either alone or in small groups. However, if it is your first time abroad, or you just prefer, you may ride with the guide, who will act as your escort throughout the tour.

For more information on this tour or to book go to

White Rose Tour 6

Or call Dave on 01423 770103

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