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745 Africa North East - Arabia

745 Africa North East - Arabia

Product ref: 9782067119024

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745 Michelin National Map - AFRICA North East ARABIA

Ideal for travelling through a country  to a region or local destination. 


  • Town Plans
  • Index of Place Names
  • Driving Times and Distances
  • Road Safety Information

Scale 1/4,000,000

Michelin National maps with their distinctive red covers give an excellent overall picture of the country or region and your route.  They include town plans, driving information and an index of place names. The simple folding design of the map allows them to be read like a book and easily folded back together.


Roads with green highlighted edges indicate scenic routes when you want to get away from the Motorway or explore the beauty of an area.


Cities with red underlines or boxes around the names are cross-referenced in the Michelin Green Guides, for a complete travel system.


ISBN 9782067119024




This Map is also the relevant Michelin Map if you are heading to the Doha/Losail Motor Racing Circuit in the middle east.

Riding to this venue would be a real adventure.

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