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The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle
The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle
The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle
The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle
The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle

The French & Swiss Alps Motorcycle Maps Bundle

Product ref: TheAlps Maps Bundle

Was: £39.46

Price: £33.00

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The French and Swiss Alps ADAC &  Michelin Motorcycle Maps Bundle


Was Price - £39.46  Bundle Price £33.00 – Save £6.46


We have saved you time and money putting together this combination of ADAC and Michelin maps for your tour of the French and Swiss Alps.


Included in this bundle are the relevant ADAC UEM tour maps for the area. These maps show the best rides and passes as recommended by the ADAC and UEM and also a number of biker friendly places to stay usually with secure parking and drying facilities.


As well as the ADAC UEM tour maps we have included the more detailed Michelin Maps of the area with scenic rides highlighted in green and also The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas France to get you there and back. Together these maps will give you the most detailed overview of the area and are invaluable in helping you plan and make the most of your adventure.


The Maps included in the bundle are:


6- Switzerland, (A2 Print of the Routes Only No German Text) 

7- Rhone Alps, 8-Sea Alps Cote d' Azur,

Michelin Regional Maps 523, 527,

Michelin National Maps 729,

The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas France 


Was Price - £39.46  Bundle Price £33.00 – Save £6.43



ADAC-UEM Map Region 6 Switzerland (A2 Print of the Route Only No German Text!)



The most beautiful motorcycle tours around Lake Geneva and Jura through the Alps to Ticino.


Switzerland has many worthwhile and beautiful tourist destinations.


In addition Switzerland includes some of the most beautiful and attractive mountain passes in the Alps including Furka, Nufenen, Gotthard St., Albula, Julier, San Bernadino, and the Splügenpass. 


The inexhaustible wealth of curves and views on the 3400 km long routes suggest

 a lot of fun and fantastic views.


Includes 7 recommended hotels and guest houses.


ADAC-UEM Map Region 7 Rhône Alps

The most beautiful motorcycle tours on the Route des Grandes Alpes between Mont Blanc and the Ardèche Gorge.


The great diversity of this region which is south of Lake Geneva makes a trip through the Rhone-Alps region of France an unforgettable experience. From the high Alpine passes of Savoy and then onto the picturesque Lake Annecy and Le Bourget, from the vineyards of the Beaujolais area to the southern flair of the Ardeche and the Drôme, the curves, canyons and passes offer touring pleasure especially through the many national parks.


At about 2400 kilometres the tour encompasses the eight departments of the Rhone-Alps region.


Includes 5 recommended Hotels and Guest houses.


ADAC-UEM Map Region 8 Sea-alps, Provence, Côte d'Azur


The most beautiful motorcycle tours on the Route des Grandes Alpes and on to the Mediterranean then Narbonne.


The routes proposed in this map are almost  3,000 km through the South of France .


The Route des Grandes Alpes is considered the queen of all Alpine roads, from the high mountains she runs down to the Mediterranean to connect with one of the most beautiful coastal roads of Europe which in turn connects the towns of Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez.


Also included is the hinterland of the Alps and the region of Provence.


The Route also includes part of the famous Route Napoleon.


Includes 67 Recommended hotels and guest houses



Michelin Regional Maps of France 523  Rhône-Alpes and 527  Provence Alps and French Riveria are a scale of 1:200,000 and feature:

·         Speed Cameras

·         City Maps

·         Petrol Stations

·         Service Stations

·         Administrative Boundaries

·         Scenic Routes

·         Place name index

·         Time and Distance Charts

·         Plans for all major towns

Michelin National Map–  Switzerland 729  at a scale of 1:400,000 and features

·         Scenic Routes

·         Town Plans

·         Index of Place Names

·         Driving Times and Distances

·         Road Safety Information




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