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Motorcycle Tour 1 D Day & World War 2 Battlegrounds

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Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe 4 France Tours
Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe 4 France Tours

Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe 4 France Tours

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Motorcycle Journeys of Western Europe - The 4 Tours of France


We have put together the 9 regional Michelin maps and The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas to give you a comprehensive set of maps to accompany the four tours of France detailed in Toby Ballentine’s excellent book, Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe


The Tours are as follows:


Tour 1 D Day and World War 2 Battleground Tour


This tour covers the invasion of Normandy along the D Day beaches which were essential to the Allies in obtaining a foothold in Northern Europe. The battlefields  and memorials dedicated to the soldiers who fought along this crucial front are remarkable and well concentrated in a relatively small area making them easy to visit. Although this area was ravaged by WWII many isolated villages and towns were not so devastated. Consequently, several medieval cities are still well preserved providing an even deeper historical backdrop to Normandy and Brittany . The road network is well maintained and the tour is paced at 100-130 miles per day, so it could be done quicker but plenty of time has been allowed to spend at the many places of interest.  


Distance 665 miles 1064 Km


Suggested Time 5-7 days


2 France – The Medieval Walled Villages of Central France


The Medieval Walled Villages Tour of Central France is centred around  the City of Limoges and features the  Cro-Magnon caves, the Hundred Years War, pilgrim trails and medieval hilltop villages which all come alive  on this trip backing time. Starting in Bergerac, the tarmac winds through the Dordogne, Lot and Vezere River Valleys to ancient towns and castles. Beautiful underground caves and caverns provide a glimpse of geographical wonders under the earth’s  surface. The trip is completed by looping north to the low lying Monedieres Mountains and  the haunting memorial town of Oradour-sur-Glane.


Distance  551 miles  882km


Suggested Time 5-7 days 


Tour 3  A Week in Provence: Roman Ruins and Natural Wonders


This area in Provence, France, typifies the true meaning of Europe. Castles, walled cities, and a unique culture all mingle together to create one of the most rewarding rides on the continent. Small narrow roads wind lazily beside Roman Ruins, hill top villages, and wide river gorges. The combination of history, culture, natural beauty, great cuisine, and sooth tarmac make this week in Provence a journey not to be forgotten.


Distance  671 miles 1075 km


Suggested Time 7-9 days


Tour 4  France... Chateaux Country Along The Loire River


This trip starts in Versailles, France's royal palace and wanders by Fontainebleau, Napoleon's residence, and then visits a myriad of Chateaux in the heart of France. Interspersed are small medieval villages, vineyards, and an unusual detour into an area callec Sologne full of marshes, mists and forests. After travelling this route you will better understand the meaning of excess and why the French royalty vacationed in the lush wonderland of the Loire Valley. At the tailend of this journey, you visit Le Mans and can ride on the public portion of the circuit.


Distance  625 miles 1000 km


Suggested Time 5-7 days


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