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TRIPY II The Innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook

Homepage > Store > TRIPY II The Innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook > Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy

Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy
Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy
Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy
Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy
Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy

Tripy II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook by Tripy

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TRIPY II the innovative GPS and Digital Roadbook especially designed for Motorcycling, Off Roading and Rallying.



Tripy II is a smart, easy-to-use GPS that immediately takes you to your chosen destination, whether it's a specific address or one of 800,000 points of interest (hotels, restaurants, service stations, cash machines, etc.) .


However, it is different from other motorcycle and off road specific GPS's in the following ways:


  • It has a 15 hr battery life, so there is no need to wire it into your machine
  • It has two choices to navigate by either a scrolling map or dot and arrow turn by turn directions
  • The screen is specially designed for easy reading in bright sunlight and at night.
  • The only GPS on the market offering route planning via scenic routes as well as the usual shortest, fastest options.
  • The only GPS on the market already loaded with over 500 ready-to-ride/drive trips. It provides the nearest itineraries to your location or to a place of your choice and displays route profiles showing distances in kilometres, "loop" or "linear" type itineraries, place of departure and arrival, name of the route's creator, etc.
  • RoadTracer Pro software which enables you to create your own itineraries using the user friendly interface and detailed Teleatlas mapping which if you like you can also share with other members of your club or with the entire Tripy online community.
  • If you are an off-road enthusiast then Tripy is unique in that the RoadTracer Pro software lets you track itineraries on any terrain, anywhere in the world via an option that lets you import map images from third parties or ones that you've scanned yourself.
  • An amazing 5 year warranty, 1 year for the battery
  • The support you get from a small company dedicated to their product specifically designed for the motorcycle, off road and rally market. 


FAQ's about the Tripy II GPS


How do I attach the Tripy II GPS to my vehicle?


The pack comes with a standard attachment (U-base B-Ball) and RAM-Mount arm which fits the vast majority of vehicles. If you would like to customise your installation go to Tripy’s accessories list.


Do I need a power supply for the Tripy II GPS?


No you don’t and this is one of the major advantages of the Tripy II GPS. Its 15-hour continuous battery life means it keeps working faultlessly all through your trips. Although it will need 4 hours to fully recharge, you will only need an hour to get back 80% of its battery life.


The Tripy II GPS is guaranteed for 5 years. What about updates?


Yes, your Tripy II GPS is covered by a 5-year warranty, except for the battery which is limited to one year. All future updates are and will remain free to download on our community website. Only Tele Atlas (TM) mapping update options will be subject to payment.


Why does Tripy have the ball-arrow guidance system as well as standard map guidance?


The ball-arrow symbol, which has always been used in roadbooks for motor sports, globally represents a direction change. Combined with a kilometre count telling you how soon this direction change will come up, this guidance system has the great benefit of being able to be interpreted by the human brain in 1/12 sec, giving additional safety assurance. However, you can choose between the ball-arrow symbols of standard map guidance.


Why have a black & white display on the Tripy II GPS?


We’re sure you know it can sometimes be impossible to read a colour display on your mobile phone or laptop when there are reflections or bright sunlight. That is why Tripy has chosen the technology that can be most easily read in the sun and that is why Tripy II’s display offers the best current technological solution for outdoor use.


Why doesn’t the Tripy II GPS speak?


You know better than anyone that driving a vehicle requires non-stop attention. So here at Tripy we don’t see the point in distracting the driver with a potentially annoying voice. Plus, the ball-arrow guidance system is so intuitive and the black & white screen so easy to read that there is no need to have an alternative guidance system.


What is the Tripy online community all about?


Since its creation, Tripy has already attracted thousands of road trip enthusiasts. Motorists, bikers, off-roaders, classic car owners have all tried and tested Tripy itineraries and experienced fabulously memorable trips.


As you will have certainly noticed, there is an access point to the Tripy User Community on the homepage.


This portal is a meeting place where Tripy users can swap selected routes and exchange all kinds of information on organising trips, journeys and events based on road books.


Everything from a pleasant jaunt to an amazing off-road adventure, all ideas are welcome!


More about the GPS Tripy II


Tripy II is designed to go wherever you want:


It starts up in a flash

The 6cm X pcm panoramic screen and hi-tech casing with its 16:9 LCD display offers total readability even in full sunlight

Intelligent, adjustable backlighting

Totally waterproof (IPX7)

The casing can withstand extreme conditions

Removable front panel in either white or yellow

Next generation Lithium-Polymer batteries deliver 15 hours of continuous use (so no external power supply needed)

350 Tripy II GPS systems successfully defied the extreme conditions of Dakar 2010


More about Road Tracer Pro


Use RoadTracer Pro to create, edit & print road books

RoadTracer Pro, is the user-friendly software supplied with your Tripy II GPS

Included in your Tripy II GPS pack, RoadTracer Pro software lets you find the best routes and create unforgettable trips yourself!


High-performance and user-friendly, this road book creation software automatically or manually generates waypoints using detailed road mapping in western and southern Europe provided by Tele atlas (tm).


The software lets you track itineraries on any terrain anywhere in the world via an option that lets you import map images from third parties or ones that you've scanned yourself.


The software produces digital road books you can transfer to your Tripy II GPS, and paper printouts (road books and/or maps). You can also view your itineraries on Google map (tm) and Google earth (tm).


RoadTracer Pro standard functions:


create your own itinerary directly on the map

transfer a trip you recorded on your Tripy II GPS onto your pc

view and modify your itinerary on a background map

automatically generate, change and enhance waypoint symbols

load road book and/or points of interest files into your Tripy II GPS

print a paper version of a road book file or route map


Please note: to activate the RoadTracer Pro software you must be connected to a Tripy II GPS and have internet access. Therefore you cannot use the software in isolation.


Tripy II  technical Specifications


The Tripy II GPS uses latest generation technologies.



  • Unit size: 15cm x 9cm
  • Screen size: 9cm x 6cm
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 160
  • Screen type: FSTN Silverback
  • Battery: Li-poly
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Waterproof: yes (IPX7)
  • Ultra-sensitive receiver: yes
  • Integrated memory capacity: 4 GB (4,000 MB)



  • Pre-loaded road books: 500+
  • POIs included: 800,000 + Speed cameras
  • Stored road book capacity: up to 10,000,000 km
  • Road tracer capacity: up to 7,000,000 km
  • POI storage capacity: up to 33,000,0000
  • RoadTracer Pro software: included (Western Europe)
  • Embedded mapping: Tele Atlas (TM) EU or FR
  • Choice of itinerary: shortest / fastest / Scenic / via RT Pro
  • Supported GPS coordinates: DMS / DM / DD
  • Guidance mode: Dot-Arrow symbols / Map / Compass
  • Dashboard: Altitude / Speed / Average / Course
  • Tripmaster: 4 counters


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