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Pressure Alert Valve Cap 29 to 30 PSI Range Low Limit 28 PSI

Pressure Alert Valve Cap 29 to 30 PSI Range Low Limit 28 PSI

Product ref: PSIAL2930

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Price: £3.49

Pressure Alert Valve Cap 29-30 PSI. With Lower Alert Limit 28 PSI

Save money, save time and travel more safely with these brilliant Pressure Alert Valve Caps!

Flat tyres really reduce your fuel economy, increase your tyre wear and drastically affect your handling so save time and money with these simple but effective valve caps which constantly monitor your tyre pressure and alert you of pressure loss!

Each Cap has a minimum pressure rating and when the tyre pressure is above the minimum the green ring shows – all OK. If the pressure in the tyre drops below the minimum rating a red ring shows and it is time to inflate and check your tyres.

If like us you don’t always do your prescribed pre flight checks before you ride or drive, or you let out more air than you would like to when checking your tyres with a pressure gauge, then these valve caps are for you as a quick glance will you know that you are saving money and travelling safely!

With the price of fuel these days then these will pay you back in no time!

Find out your front and rear tyre pressures and then select the lowest PSI limit nearest to the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure. This valve selection is highlighted in red click on the links to go directly to the other valves.


Order Code

PSI Lower Limit

PSI Range

PSIAL 29 to 30 PSI



PSIAL 32 to 34 PSI



PSIAL 35 to 37 PSI



PSIAL 41 to 43 PSI



These are supplied individually so for 2 wheels you will need 2 and 4 wheels you will need 4 :-)

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