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ADAC-UEM Map Bundles

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*ADAC-UEM Map & Tour Bundles*

Combinations of ADAC maps plus Michelin maps

These Motorcycle Touring Maps published by ADAC and UEM are paper maps with great motorcycle routes highlighted on them. 

The Maps are ideal if you are planning a tour of Europe. The ADAC have 1.6 million Motorcycle Members and these are their recommended motorcycle tours and arguably the  motorbike rides in Europe.

There are now 16 Maps in the series as Liguria has just been added and most of the maps have recommmended biker friendly places to stay as well as well as the recommended routes.

These maps can be can be bought individually from £3.50 each plus P&P or the whole set can be purchased for £32.49 which is a saving of £23.51.

The ADAC is the German equilivant of the RAC and the UEM is the European Motorcycle Union, the lead group of lobbying for Motorcyclists in Europe and our own British Motorcycle Federation is a member.

Unfortunately where there are descriptions of the areas these are in German but the real value of these maps are the routes and then the places to stay which are motorcycle touring friendly.

As we cannot source the maps in their original format, and to keep the series available, all of the maps are supplied as A2 Print Offs Only.

For more information about the areas then go through to the excellent Michelin Green Guides

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