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Motorcycle Tour 1 D Day & World War 2 Battlegrounds

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Motorcycle Tour 1  France – D Day and World War II Battleground Tour

Toby Ballentine has created THE quick and easy tour guide for motorcycling in Western Europe with 15 specific tours, a Band of Brothers tour and a Grand Tour.

This is an excellent book for anyone considering touring Europe by motorcycle and we have saved you time and money by putting together the relevant Michelin Maps for each tour.


This tour covers the invasion of Normandy along the D Day beaches which were essential to the Allies in obtaining a foothold in Northern Europe. The battlefields  and memorials dedicated to the soldiers who fought along this crucial front are remarkable and well concentrated in a relatively small area making them easy to visit. Although this area was ravaged by WWII many isolated villages and towns were not so devastated. Consequently, several medieval cities are still well preserved providing an even deeper historical backdrop to Normandy and Brittany . The road network is well maintained and the tour is paced at 100-130 miles per day, so it could be done quicker but plenty of time has been allowed to spend at the many places of interest.  

Distance 665 miles 1064 Km

Suggested Time 5-7 days


2 Michelin Regional Maps cover this tour at a scale of 1:200 000 or alternatively

4 Michelin Local Maps also cover this tour at a more detailed scale of 1:150 000

This area is also covered by The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas France

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