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Motorcycle Tour 2 Medieval Walled Villages of Central France

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Motorcycle Tour  2 France – The Medieval Walled Villages of Central France  

Toby Ballentine has created THE quick and easy tour guide for motorcycling in Western Europe with 15 specific tours, a Band of Brothers tour and a Grand Tour.

This is an excellent book for anyone considering touring Europe by motorcycle and we have saved you time and money by putting together the relevant Michelin Maps for each tour.


The Medieval Walled Villages Tour of Central France is centred around  the City of Limoges and features the  Cro-Magnon caves, the Hundred Years War, pilgrim trails and medieval hilltop villages which all come alive  on this trip backing time. Starting in Bergerac, the tarmac winds through the Dordogne, Lot and Vezere River Valleys to ancient towns and castles. Beautiful underground caves and caverns provide a glimpse of geographical wonders under the earth’s  surface. The trip is completed by looping north to the low lying Monedieres Mountains and  the haunting memorial town of Oradour-sur-Glane .


Distance  551 miles  882km 



Suggested Time 5-7 days


2 Michelin Regional Maps cover this tour at a scale of 1:200 000   alternatively 

3  Michelin Local Maps also cover this tour at a more detailed scale of 1:150,000.


The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas France also covers this area.



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