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Motorcycle Tour 3 Provence's Roman Ruins & Natural Wonders

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Motorcycle Tour 3  A Week in Provence: Roman Ruins and Natural Wonders


Toby Ballentine has created THE quick and easy tour guide for motorcycling in Western Europe with 15 specific tours, a Band of Brothers tour and a Grand Tour.


This is an excellent book for anyone considering touring Europe by motorcycle and we have saved you time and money by putting together the relevant Michelin Maps for each tour.


This area in Provence, France, typifies the true meaning of Europe. Castles, walled cities, and a unique culture all mingle together to create one of the most rewarding rides on the continent. Small narrow roads wind lazily beside Roman Ruins, hill top villages, and wide river gorges. The combination of history, culture, natural beauty, great cuisine, and sooth tarmac make this week in Provence a journey not to be forgotten.


Distance  671 miles 1075 km


Suggested Time 7-9 days


2 Michelin Regional Maps  cover this tour at a scale of 1:200 000   alternatively

4 Michelin Local Maps cover this tour at a more detailed scale of 1:150 000



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