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Motorbike Tour 4 Chateaux Country Along the Loire River

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Motorcycle Tour 4  France... Chateaux Country Along The Loire River  

This trip starts in Versailles, France's royal palace and wanders by Fontainebleau, Napoleon's residence, and then visits a myriad of Chateaux in the heart of France. Interspersed are small medieval villages, vineyards, and an unusual detour into an area called Sologne full of marshes, mists and forests. After travelling this route you will better understand the meaning of excess and why the French royalty vacationed in the lush wonderland of the Loire Valley. At the tailend of this journey, you visit Le Mans and can ride on the public portion of the circuit.  

Distance  625 miles 1000 km

Suggested Time 5-7 days 

3 Regional Maps cover this tour ar a scale of 1:200,000 alternatively there are 

5 Michelin Local Maps cover this tour at a detailed scale of 1:150 000

The Best Rides Motorcycle Atlas France also covers this area and has been added as an option to make two more bundles to provide you with a good waterproof, tear proof map of the whole of France. With over 300 highlighted rides and 34 English speaking places to stay it will enable you to travel further a field or link up the other tours. If you are travelling to this area  via Calais or elsewhere  in France it will give you the ability to get there via the best rides. 

Toby Ballentine has created THE quick and easy tour guide for motorcycling in Western Europe with 15 specific tours, a Band of Brothers tour and a Grand Tour.

This is an excellent book for anyone considering touring Europe by motorcycle and we have saved you time and money by putting together the relevant Michelin Maps for each tour.


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