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Motorcycle Tour 8 Into the Heart of Switzerland

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Motorcycle Tour 8 Switzerland – Heaven on Earth into the heart of Switzerland

Tour 8 of Toby Ballentine's book "Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe" takes the reader to Switzerland. Again we have saved you time and money finding the correct Michelin map to accompany this journey.

The Swiss have created a culture engineered to taking care of their favourite visitor - the tourist. The cog railroads, funiculars, massive tunnels, and roads combine to make Switzerland accessible to all, but not without a price. Switzerland is a bit more expensive than her neighbours which makes camping a good idea with great locations at a great price. This journey will take you across various regions starting in the conservative eastern area of Appenzell then all the way to the old French canton near Aigle and Gruyeres. No matter which direction you steer there is no such thing as a bad road.

A Michelin regional  map of Switzerland at a scale 1:200 000 covers the whole of this tour.

Distance 504 miles 806 km

Suggested Time 5-6 days



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