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Motorcycle Tour 13 Passes through the Pyrenees Mountains

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Motorcycle Tour 13  Alpine Passes through Spanish Stone Hamlets and the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain & France

Tour 13 of Toby Ballentine's excellent book "Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe"  takes the reader and prospective motorcycle traveller to the Pyrenees and the small principality of Andorra, the South of France and the Catalonia region of Spain. Take a tour of the Costa Brava then swing inland to Catalonia and upwards through the Pyrenees. Stone hamlets rich with culture, fly by the wayside as you swing your bike across mountain curves. Venture into Southern France and the remarkable walled city of Carcassonne and then visit the poignant castle ruins of Cathars in Languedoc. Race back through the tiny principality of Andorra high in the Pyrenees before returning once again to the quiet seaside resort (all with its own castle and walls) of Tossa de Mar.

Distance 780 miles 1248 km

Suggested Time 6-8 days

Michelin Local and Regional Maps cover this tour at scales of 1:150,000 and 1:400,000 respectively.

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