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Motorcycle Tour 14 Running with bulls through the Pyrenees

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Motorcycle Tour 14  Running with the Bulls through the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain and  France

Tour 14 of Toby Ballentine's excellent book "Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe"  takes the reader and prospective motorcycle traveller to the Haute Pyrenees and Pyrenees Atlantic. Starting on the Atlantic coast in the heart of the Basque country enjoy the culture, language, cuisine and countryside of an area rich with its own heritage. Ride on up to Pamplona, known for the original "Running of the Bulls" then bask in the small winding roads of the Pyrenees Mountains. Verdant valleys surrounded by granite slopes pull your eyes off the road bewitching you with there beauty and charm. The journey winds its way along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees before crossing over to the French side about half way down. After crossing over wind your way back towards the Atlantic stopping off at Lourdes on the way.

Distance 667 miles 1067km

Suggested Time Frame 5-6 days

Michelin Local and Regional Maps cover this tour at scales of 1:150,000 and 1:400,000 respectively.


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