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Motorcycle Tour following The Band of Brothers across Europe

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Motorbike Tour 16 Following The Band of Brothers Motorcycle Tour

Toby Ballentine has included a motorcycle tour which focuses on World War 2 sites in his excellent book "Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe."  The tour follows Easy Company of the 101st Airbourne Infantry from the D-Day beaches all the way into Germany. Easy Company were featured in Stephen Ambrose's book the "Band of Brothers" and very the successful mini TV series that followed. The tour starts in Normandy where the 101st were dropped on the night of the 5th June 1944. It features the battles fought at Brecourt Manor, and Carentin in Normandy before moving onto the part the 101st played in operation Market Garden at Nuenen in Holland, then in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne in Belgium.  The journey finishes up with some great rides through the Black Forest to Dachau, the infamous concentration camp, near Munich and then swings south into the Bavarian Alps and Hitlers Eagles Nest at Berchtesgaden. This tour combines historical sites with some of the best rides in Europe. Allow enough time to take in the sites though.  

Distance 1542 miles 2467 km

Suggested Time Frame 10-14 days

Michelin Regional Maps cover this tour at scales between 1:200,000 and 1:400,000.

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