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ADAC 10: Luxembourg, Eifel & Saarland- A2 Paper Print
ADAC 10: Luxembourg, Eifel & Saarland- A2 Paper Print
ADAC 10: Luxembourg, Eifel & Saarland- A2 Paper Print

ADAC 10: Luxembourg, Eifel & Saarland- A2 Paper Print

Product ref: ADAC Region 10

Price: £3.50

Motorbike Touring Luxembourg, Eifel & Saarland

ADAC-UEM Map Region 10

The most beautiful motorbike rides through the green heart of Europe between the Ardennes, the Mosel and the Nurburgring.


This area is a motorcycle touring paradise which is quite well known to the motorcycle riders of Germany but often overlooked by other adventurers apart from those heading for a blast round the Nurburgring.  


The routes on this map total length of over 2500 kilometres and cover some of the best route recommendations for this area, stop off at the aforementioned Nurburgring and also Luxembourg City.


MapsMan says:


This area is easy to get to from Calais, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam and is ideal for a first venture into Europe or a long weekend or if you fancy a good ride on the way to Austria or somewhere further away. Also excellent if you are interested in Military History and/or have seen Band of Brothers as all the Battle of the Bulge occured around here.

These ADAC Motorcycle Maps are worth their weight in gold if you are looking for an off the shelf, do it yourself tour which captures the best rides in the region.


The ADAC is the German equivalent of the RAC and they have over a million members who are bikers. They have used that wealth of knowledge to put together these maps. Although they are primarily published for the German market and most of the text is in German, the real value is in the rides.


If you are remotely contemplating a tour then these maps are a must and the bundle is really good value.


Michelin National 795 Map of Benelux 2015 (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg) is a really useful accompanying map to this one and is waterproof and tearproof as well.

Please Note


These maps are now supplied as A2 Paper Prints from our own printer as they are no longer for sale by ADAC to anyone who is not an ADAC Member, and you cannot be an ADAC member outside of Germany for some reason, believe us we have tried.  


These maps are freely available in PDF format on the internet so you are purchasing our ability to print them for you in a large enough format for you to lay them out and read them clearly. Where required we have also overlayed the places to stay where they are missing on the internet. 




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