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Point It Traveller's Language Kit (Paperback) by Dieter Graf

Point It Traveller's Language Kit (Paperback) by Dieter Graf

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Point It Traveller's Language Kit (Paperback) by Dieter Graf

From the Author

If you have ever been in a small shop in Asia trying to buy a safety pin, you will understand why I created point it. The idea came to me during a vacation in India in 1976, where, because of the large number of languages and dialects and the low literacy rate, it is common to use symbols to express one's needs.

During the next 16 years, I photographed many strange things while travelling, such as oxen and trucks serving as a bus. Sometimes it was very risky to photograph ordinary, non-tourist things, like passengers in an Indian taxi or Chinese policemen. I was arrested in Nigeria while photographing a jeep that, unfortunately, belonged to the chief of police. On the Trans-Siberian railway I was saved from misfortune by a French tour guide, who also spoke Russian and warned me that it was forbidden to photograph railway stations. In the Munich train station, a well-dressed woman asked why I photographed her compartment - she thought I was a detective sent by her husband!

Mapsman Review

This is a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of it! It’s very useful importantly an ideal size to tuck in your tank bag or inside pocket.

From the Publisher
As someone who has travelled to more than 40 countries, both in Europe and the non-Western world, I have found point it to be very useful and easy to carry. It has taken the suspense out of ordering dinner in remote areas of Burma. Instead of guessing what I'm ordering or trying to act like, say, a chicken, I can just point to a photograph of one. And I'm not sure that I ever would have gotten the "top sheet" I needed upriver in Borneo without it.

But point it is equally useful in Paris, Rome or Cancun - anyplace you don't speak the language and want to be sure that you can still communicate.

About the Author
Dieter Graf is an architect and world traveller. point it reflects the experience he gained travelling in approximately 100 countries and spending three months going around the world by train.

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