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Homepage > Store > MAP & TOURING BUNDLES 2020 > *TOUR BUNDLE* Bavaria & Bohemia Save 2.50

*TOUR BUNDLE* Bavaria & Bohemia  Save 2.50

*TOUR BUNDLE* Bavaria & Bohemia Save 2.50

Product ref: Bavaria Bundle

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Price: £12.98

*TOUR BUNDLE*Bavaria & Bohemia 2019– Save £2.50

Motorcycle Tour Map Germany - The Bavarian Forest, Bohemian Forest and Upper Palatinate Forest

ADAC-UEM Map Region 13 

This map has the most beautiful motorcycle tours in the Bavarian Forest, Bohemian Forest and Upper Palatinate Forests.

Welcome to the realm of curves and forests! The large forest mountains of the Bavarian Forest and the beautiful landscape of the Upper Palatinate as well as the  lonely roads of the Bohemian Forest make this area most enjoyable for touring.

The open views and the open canopy rides through the forests are a real experience.

Includes 37 recommended Hotels and Guesthouses

Please Note

These maps are now supplied as A2 Prints from our own printer as they are no longer for sale by ADAC to anyone who is not an ADAC Member, and you cannot be an ADAC member outside of Germany for some reason, believe us we have tried.  These maps are freely available in PDF format on the internet so you are purchasing our ability to print them for you in a large enough format for you to lay them out and read them clearly. Where required we have also overlayed the places to stay where they are missing on the internet.


546 Michelin Regional Map Germany South East - Bavaria


  • Speed Cameras
  • City Maps
  • Petrol Stations
  • Service Stations
  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Scenic Routes
  • Place name index
  • Time and Distance Charts
  • Plans for all major towns

Scale 1/375,000

ISBN 9782067134058

We have saved you time and money by working out which Michelin Maps best cover the journeys and routes described in Toby Ballentine’s excellent book “Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe”.

This map covers Tour 7 The famous Alpine Road and The Sound of Music Tour

731 Michelin National Map - Czech and Slovak Republics

Ideal for travelling through a country or to a regional or local destination. 


  • Town Plans
  • Index of Place Names
  • Driving Times and Distances
  • Road Safety Information

Scale 1:600,000

Michelin National maps with their distinctive red covers give an excellent overall picture of the country or region and your route.  They include town plans, driving information and an index of place names. The simple folding design of the map allows them to be read like a book and easily folded back together.

Roads with green highlighted edges indicate scenic routes when you want to get away from the Motorway or explore the beauty of an area.

Cities with red underlines or boxes around the names are cross-referenced in the Michelin Green Guides, for a complete travel system.

ISBN 9782067125889


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