4 Things to Do Before Embarking on a Motorcycle Trip

A road trip on a motorcycle sounds truly exciting! It would be a great experience being on an adventure on the roads and having fun along the way. This is something one must do at least once in his or her lifetime. If you’re planning a long-distance ride on your motorcycle, a few tips on this would be quite useful. 

However, you must ask an experienced rider who embarks on such trips regularly. This is how you’ll improve your rides and have some memorable journeys on the roads. When it’s your first solo road trip on your bike, you’ll certainly feel the need to be prepared. It doesn’t matter whether you have your own motorcycle or you’ve rented one. 

You must take all the essential aspects of a solo bike trip into consideration before setting out. This ensures that your journey is comfortable and free of worries. Here are some of the things you must do before embarking on a motorcycle trip:

1. Pick your ride wisely

Comfort is one of the essential factors to be considered while planning a road trip on your motorbike. A few modifications might be needed for improving the comfort level of your motorcycle. If you’re considering renting a bike, make sure you choose one wisely. A suitable motorcycle is usually the one that can be handled easily. 

Motorbikes with a good handlebar, soft seat, sharp headlights, and guards are the best for off-road trips. A bike must not only look ‘cool’ but also give a smooth ride. This is one of the most important factors that would make your road trip successful.

2. Pack lights for your trip

When looking for luggage carriers, you’ll come across many different varieties. The best among them are saddlebags. They can be fixed quite easily on the back seat or sides of the bike. Other excellent bag choices are tank bags and tail bags. They include magnets that keep them fixed to the bike’s tank. Besides selecting the right bag, you must also choose your luggage carefully. 

Always pack light when going on a road trip using your motorcycle. Having disposable stuff would allow you to discard all those items after use immediately. It’s also a good idea to carry sachets instead of bottles. You must avoid carrying a lot of clothes. Before packing, prepare a list and prioritize all the essential stuff.

3. Wear an appropriate dress

When it comes to road trips taken on a motorbike, it is imperative that you dress appropriately. For road trips on a motorcycle, try wearing riding pants, ankle boots, and a comfortable jacket. Of course, a full-face helmet is also essential. You must definitely pick knee and elbow guards for extra protection if you’re expecting a bumpy ride.

4. Stock some water

Staying hydrated is often missed from the priorities of the ones going for road trips on motorcycles. They need to understand the fact that proper hydration is a must while on such tours. If you don’t like stopping for water, you’ll need to invest in an appropriate hydration pack. 

Among them is a water bottle bag that comes with a long tube. The bag keeps the water in the bottle cold. The long tube can be used for drinking water without having to stop at a particular place. A hydration pack can be your perfect companion during such trips.

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